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>> we have more with what we have learned in the past hour. natasha. >> we received a little bit more information on what led up to the end of the hostages' situation down in alabama. 65-year-old jimmy in dykes is dead. ethan is ok. people on the ground say they heard two loud bangs and an ambulance was seen leaving the area. right now, we're not sure exactly how he died. we were just listening to a news conference, and this is what they told us. negotiations deteriorated and they said he also had a weapon in his hands. i>> mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point, they feared the child was in imminent danger,
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they entered and rescue the child. >> ethan is being a check-out at a local hospital. he is healthy. he is most likely being reunited with his family. this wednesday is his sixth birthday. another news conference will be coming soon. once we get out of permission we will pass along to you. as we told you before, he killed the school bus driver and kidnapped et ofhan barricading them in a nearby bunker he had built. the bus driver was laid to rest just yesterday. live from the satellite center natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> now we are on storm watch and keeping a lowclose eye on the potential for light snow. this could cause some problems for us this evening. >> let's go straight to doug hill with the very latest on the conditions.
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>> some light snow flurries. maybe a dusting up to 1 inch. frederick and washington counties westward, winter storm warnings and that is the same case as the previous clippers. when it falls at night with sub- freezing temperatures, this is a concern. here is the snow machine on the live super doppler 7 but most of this is not on the ground yet. but it will. a pattern of light snow or flurries up to a dusting. topping may be 1 inch by the time it ends overnight. for the in fredericksburg. 36 in frederick. a 35 at reagan national airport. the nature of these quick moving clippers means we will wind up with a partially cloudy day tomorrow. i think we will warm up into the 30's. temperatures dropping into the 30's as the snow begins. waking up to a temperature of
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25-32. with those temperatures in the possibility for icing over, that will be something to watch. more coming u the belfort furniture weather center coming up. >> and out to the celebration across the region nearly 24 hours after the baltimore ravens have won their second super bowl championship. this is the happiest moments in 12 years, the last time they took home the lombardi trophy. the ravens airplane landed at bwi marshall airport just a short time ago. horace holmes is live in baltimore with all the excitement. >> baltimore is erupting again. it is because their heroes are back home. they just got back from new orleans about 45 minutes ago. the ravens t the fans were out there to greet them. the arrival was low-key.
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the big celebration including the parade will be tomorrow. around town today, everyone is smiling, talking about the game. they're just as proud as they can be of their super bowl champions. >> we are the chance by god's grace and mercy. we did not break. >> they are happy, overjoyed, ecstatic about the big winner last night. that would be understating the obvious. as soon as the seconds clicked off on the clock the celebration began in ravens nation. there were pouring out of the bars restaurants, and hauled out onto the street. >> i did not get any sleep. i was up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. >> the party continued after the sun came out. >> what a great year.
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>> it's been a great ride. >> everywhere you look on the streets of baltimore, you see ravens purple. >> i have my purple scarfing, my purple everything. just so exciting for the city. >> how excited are you? >> there are no words for how happy i am. >> everybody's happy in baltimore. tomorrow the parade starts downtown at 10:30 at city hall and will and over to my right here at the ravens stadium for a rally at noon. live in baltimore, horace holmes abc 7 news. >> the new secretary of state, john kerry, wrapped up his first day on the job. the official ceremony was this morning. he knowledge as he has many challenges ahead of him but he
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was ready to just get on the horse and get moving. >> new at 6:00, an investigation in the district after a man in his 60's was found stabbed to death. sam ford is live with more on the arrest in the case and the kreuz leading them to the suspect. >> 21 dodge year-old david wilson was just rain here on second-degree murder charges accused of killing a man that papers described as his roommates. from the senior citizens center where he ate breakfast and lunch to the building he lived for years, it was 58-year-old of who was stunned by his murder. >> you should not be doing that to old people. to anyone, but a man like that? >> his body was found saturday
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evening by a family member. 21-year old david wilson, who was living with him, is the suspect in the murder and they have pictures of him using the dead man and's atm card. >> at this time, we believe the motive is robbery. >> were they related? >> to the best of our knowledge they were not. >> were they involved in a romantic relationship? >> we are still in the process of investigating what exactly the nature rias of their relationship. >> his lawyer says he has three children and lives with his wife. he claims he fell on the knife but they say the victim had numerous stab wounds. it >> one time he was a security guard and they saw him come and go in uniform. the judge ordered wilson held without bond. she says it is because he changed his story four times during police interrogation.
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they have him on video taking more than $600 out of the victims bank account. live from d.c. superior court, sam ford abc 7 news. >> as horace holmes just said, the celebration of the ravens victory is getting started. >> tambrands will have much more coming up later in sports. >> the president takes his gun control message on the road to the midwest. >> congress is once again faced again and another fiscal cliff. we will hear from senator tim
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>> president obama took his gun control proposal on the road today in minneapolis. he met with police enforcement and and other community leaders. he is pushing for universal background checks on all sales and a ban on military-style assault weapons because change will not happen on was people demand it from congress. >> now is the time for action. we will not wait until the next newton, the next or rum -- aurora. we will not wait until we lose more americans. >> they believe it could be easier to get congressional legislation for the background
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check than an assault rifle ban. the nra opposes both ideas. >> still to come up growing concerns about the impact sequestration could have on our region. >> parts of the area preparing for the worst-case scenario. >> preparing for another burst of light snow. chief meteorologist doug hill has more on how this could impact your morning commute. >> what a ride at the super bowl. it was surreal. it's a new orleans. although it was not easy in the big easy for the ravens, how they won the game, the title come and now they are home.
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>> new at 6, growing concern about sequestration and the impact on local jobs and families. >> virginia senator tim kane today said he expects sequestration to cost the state 200,000 jobs. jeff goldberg has more on how some are preparing for the worse. >> take a look around northern virginia and you'll find defense
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companies lining the landscape and plenty of workers nervously looking across the river. >> the situation is serious. >> i cannot believe this is happening. >> this is sequestration the $1.20 trillion in across-the- board spending cuts set to happen on rockbridge -- on april 1st. it is leaving them unable to plan for the future because of the uncertainties. >> people talk about it on a daily basis. >> virginia senator tim kane is hearing from contractors who use words like madness and paralyzed. they believe the furloughs could hurt security. >> we are one month away. we can find an alternative. >> efforts to prevent the sequestration cuts seem to be picking up momentum, so also is the belief that in the end an answer will take place.
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>> i think is going to happen at this point. >> the senior policy analyst says the deal is not likely to get done. what you're seeing them standing up on cutting spending. there really do not care about the pentagon. >> they think congress will avoid yet another fiscal cliff. >> i think they get it done. >> in washington, nothing feel certain period of goldberg abc 7 news. >> every few days we get a little system with a little bit of snow. if you add up all of that we have had so far two or 3 inches of snow across the area. here is a time lapse from the weatherbug rooftop camera in arlington looking to the west. just before sunset, a lower index of cloudiness moving in which is expected ahead of this
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system moving through the region. in advance of the winter weather revisory from frederick and washington counties in maryland westward. right now, a winter storm warning for 5, 6, 7, 8 inches of snow for the mountains. most snow will get pulled out of that area and by the time it gets here is just a flurry up to maybe 1 inch. picking up some snow on the doppler radar. during the afternoon, most of this will evaporate before it hits the ground. pena flakes -- a few flakes will make it down. below freezing in the areas that get the snow so there could be some patches of ice on the road. below average temperatures again. the average height is 45 and i think we will get pretty high to
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the. washington, 39. 31 hagerstown. 34 in winchester. a steady slide in the temperatures tonight as the slow moves in. and when you get the snow falling, it cools the air. briefly looking like winter for a while, but it is going to move out like the other one. partially cloudy skies and temperatures into the lower 30's by the morning. and then we will be into the 40's by the afternoon. our computer model calls upfor up to 0.5 inch of snow tomorrow in the metro area. seasonally cool through the day with high temperatures in the mid 40's. first time we will be that warm in the last several days. looking forward temperatures staying in the 40's and the next chance for rain friday morning. then warming up close to 50 by
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sunday and maybe even into the '50s by monday. >> and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> we told him not to plug in his electric razor at the super bowl. he did not listen. >> i did not mean to do it. let there be light. a super bowl run by the ravens and joe flacco. >> it's going to cost the ravens $20 million to keep flacco. be beathe beat out andrew luck, tom brady, and then colin kaepernick. the team plane left after a party. they flew into bwi around 5:00 this evening and i guarantee you they did not get much sleep. john harbaugh was dancing with his daughter at around 4:00 a.m. this morning. there they are arriving home as
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world champions. >> it was quite a night last night. we're proud of our team, our coaches, our players. we're happy for our families. we're happy for all the people in baltimore. we saw some amazing pictures last night of the streets being closed and everyone partying. that's what makes it all great. >> the streets will be jammed tomorrow for the parade. john harbaugh has not spoken with his brother yet. he does not think the two will ever watch the tape together of the game last night. i thought the biggest play of the game was third and one late in the game, flacco's anquan boldin. this clenched the game for the ravens. the no call on the fourth and goal. they had let them play the entire game. i thought it was a good no call. they were consistent through the night. it was not decided on a flag.
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only seven penalties through the entire game. the signature play, john harbaugh. he is a special teams guy. the play lasted eight seconds. everyone practices, but they were not prepared for it. all in all, very entertaining. >> we are a family. we made it to the top. i'm thankful for the baltimore ravens and i'm proud to be a part of it. >> that is how you ended for ray lewis's career. that's how we ended, baby. >> 3 maryland terrapins in that team last night. the wizards have lost four in a row. they play the clippers tonight. tonight, the play of the day. all kinds of ways to score in basketball but look at this one from the knees. the shot heard over the country. it's gone by ron youtube and it
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had been no. 1 spot on sports center. he's now famous with his shirt over his head. college basketball rankings are out. john harbaugh's brother-in-law coaching the number one team in the country, indiana. >> those
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>> cyberspace become the dangerous and deadly world. a plea to parents to pay attention to what your kids are doing on facebook. hook up apps are becoming all too often. there will be consequences for one family, tonight at 11. >> let's get the latest on the crazy weather. >> at this system will be here in the next few hours. a quick dusting in the region but that's it. west of the metro, a winter weather revisory. bob will have more on that on 11. we will get you out the door and let you know what to watch out for on "good morning washington ." >> have a good night.
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